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What our parents have to say...

Carrie Lynn W. -

Our family, both as parents and our child, have nothing but the highest praise for Nampa Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten and its dedicated staff! Although we live in SW Boise, we carefully selected NMP&K for its Montessori philosophy and excellent recommendations. We feel it has been a seamless fit for our child and has only served to further emphasize elements of an education that are important to us. We are thrilled when our preschooler comes home and tells us all about the specific ocean names, details about hands-on experiences, sings to us the planets, and shares with us what instruments he practiced during Music and Movement class. Our child was already helpful at home, but has now wanted to engage in normal household management functions even more. If you want a solid start specifically to your child's educational career that will also set them up for lifelong success, this the place to plant them and watch them flourish throughout the year!

Sarah L. -

Our family loves Nampa Montessori! The environment and teachers are very focused on allowing all children to master their education in a healthy hands-on approach. Our son loves being able to explore the school inside and out! The educators really encourage children to work through decision making, helping them develop communication with their peers and exploring their world, as well as showing compassion for their community and elders through thoughtful service work. We love knowing that our son is learning his traditional education as well as his place in his community and the value he brings to others. 

Brynne C. -

I am so pleased with how well my son adapted to Nampa Montessori, and forever grateful for how the teachers have adapted to him. They pay attention to his interests and give just enough direction to make him feel confident in his abilities. His focus and curiosity are being fostered in an easy going environment by people who care. I'm so happy to know he is in a place where he feels safe, respected and heard. The teachers here have made a special place in their classroom for my boy, and I couldn't ask for anything more! 

Tara P. -

My son ​attended NMP&K for kindergarten. I toured several schools in Nampa prior to enrolling him. Once I saw this Montessori school, I knew this is where I wanted my son to experience his first year of school. I loved the art on the walls, the animals, the charming outdoor play area and the smiling faces of the kids attending this school. My son and I have both had a great experience with this school. My son has learned and experienced so much here. I really like that they explore and celebrate a variety of cultures. I like that they spend time outside and in nature. I like that my son has had so many positive learning experiences with field trips, music class and educational guests. What my son has learned here academically has exceeded my expectations. The techniques they use here for early literacy and math are very effective. I think this is a great school, love the teachers and feel that Ms. Chris is an exceptional educator offering so much to our community with her love and dedication for our children and the school. Nampa is so lucky to have her and a quality Montessori school option. There are so many bright and kind children attending this school. I feel so good about my son's teachers, the education he is receiving and his peer group.

Megan D. - 

When it came time to choose a preschool for our soon-to-be-three son, we didn’t shop around. A friend’s daughter had had such a good experience with NMP&K that we knew we would take our son there. He was reading words before he turned three; we wanted a loving environment that would support his learning without making him self-conscious about it, and teachers who would think of him as a “whole child.” This is so obviously true of NMP&K. I particularly value the emphasis on courtesy and working with others. Many times at home we have reminded our son of school rules and calmed little storms by saying “peace will come.” We love hearing snippets of what he is learning about animals and continents, and we have watched him steadily develop more skills with drawing, coloring, and reading. My favorite thing is watching him fold cloth. I know that the teachers take joy in his curiosity as we do, and we are grateful for the emphasis on self-reliance. We feel so blessed that there is a Montessori choice available to us in this area!


Celesta D. - 

We weren't sure what to expect from NMP&K. We were touring a couple different preschool's, looking for a place to take our 4 year old daughter for the first time when we discovered NMP&K. It was the only place we could instantly see that our daughter felt secure and comfortable from the moment we walked in. Immediately enrolling her was the best thing we've done for her at this age. Right away we noticed huge improvements on her speech and communication. She truly enjoys going to school, she looks forward to it daily. She regularly talks about her classmates and her teachers. She has grown very confident of herself and eager to do things on her own. It's exciting to see how much she's learning and we look forward to what's in store for her at NMP&K.


Eric M. - 

Nampa Montessori has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. She is not only excited to go to school each day, but even wants to play school when she gets home. She is Miss Chris and we get to be her students. The love of learning that the school has instilled in her will serve her well for the rest of her life. We have been incredibly impressed with the staff and the curriculum that they teach.

Stephanie V. -

We are so lucky to have had both of our children attend NMP&K for preschool. The thing i love the most about this cozy preschool is the curiosity it inspires in my children. My son came home after studying the Lunar New Year this year, told us so many interesting facts, and then was inspired to create his own dragon costume from construction paper and scarves. He talked his sister into being the tail and they had a New Year's parade through our neighborhood. At NMP&K, students are taught with a developmentally appropriate approach and are encouraged to work through challenging tasks by being problem solvers. One of my very favorite memories of my daughter's time at NMP&K is when at home (3-years old), she was struggling to put together a Lego set, and she shouts out from the living room, "This is going to be challenging, but I can do challenging things!" I think that sums up the learning that is happening at NMP&K. We will be forever grateful for the warm and loving staff and atmosphere in the school. Students are respected as individuals and are taught meaningful lessons about life and academics ​

Carrie J. -

We have been delighted with our children's experiences at Nampa Montessori. Unlike a typical preschool or kindergarten, our children were given the opportunity to learn through hands on exploration and consistent opportunities for play. They both loved Montessori and truly grew academically and as community members

Christie P. -

I am so happy we made the decision for our daughter to attend NMP&K. At the end of this year, she will have attended NMP&K for 3-years. I appreciate the cozy environment designed to foster her individuality. She has learned to take initiative for her own learning. Her confidence, creativity and love of learning has grown as a result of the Montessori approach. The enrichment activities offered at NMP&K (yoga, music, nature walks, guest speakers, etc.) are great. The teachers are friendly and responsive to my daughter's needs on both an academic and a personal level. I highly recommend NMP&K!


​​Amy, Doug & Jacob -

After driving by Nampa Montessori for nearly 2 years, we finally decided to enroll our son Jacob.  It was one of the best life decisions we have made for him so far.  From the moment we opened the door, we were greeted with peacefulness, warmth, patience and calmness in the teachers and teaching environment.  Nampa Montessori nurtured his emotional, social, intellectual, academic and personal well being in order to help him become the confident, insightful, inquisitive and well-rounded individual he is today.  He is now in the 2nd grade and continues to excel academically, socially and personally.  Our family has enjoyed the experience of Montessori so much we have enrolled our 3-year-old daughter, Alyssa.  We have already begun to see her grow academically, socially and intellectually and are watching her build her life skills in just a short amount of time.  We cannot say enough positive words about Nampa Montessori and the teaching staff.  Simply amazing!


Juanita M. -

There are so many reasons why I love the Montessori Method and the staff at NMPK.  But the culmination of these is the most valuable part to me.  With the enhancement and encouragement of the child's natural curiosity and creativity in a very peaceful environment, my kids have a passion for learning: self-motivation to explore and inquire about all around them, strong skills in team and individual learning, and a great deal of compassion for the people and world around them.  I couldn't ask for a stronger foundation for my kids' formal education.  I have one daughter that attended from 3-6 years old and my second beginning her second year.


Bianca T. -

I come from Taiwan, and there, education is highly valued.  An ancient Chinese proverb says, "Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere."  People in Taiwan think highly of Montessori Schools.  It goes without saying that Montessori School is the best preschool you can send your children to if you want them to have a good start in their education.  Whenever I am asked which school my child goes to, I am always very proud to say "Montessori".  I am very pleased that my child is engaged in a variety of activities such as art, the sciences, animal parts, etc., in school  Sometimes, I am surprised at what she learns from school, like division and multiplication.  I am really appreciative of you and your associate teachers in your dedication to my child's education.


Jenn S. -

We have had our three children enrolled in Nampa Montessori Preschool over the last four years.  Our children have thrived in the safe and mind-stimulating environment.  We love how 'school' is not a chore, but an adventure - not limited by the usual concept of 'preschool'.  From numbers to practical life - they are encouraged to try something new.  Our children who have graduated from NMP&K have excelled in their next levels of education, because they have the Montessori foundation.  We are so thankful for this school and the adults who guide our children!


Rochelle J. -

Our daughter is attending NMP&K for the second year, and we have been astounded at the care that is shown to her daily.  She is flourishing as a learner, but perhaps even more important are her strides in growing self-confidence, social skills and the ability to express herself.  The teachers truly nurture each child, even taking care to attend to unique needs or challenges.  We could not be more pleased with our selection of NMP&K for our daughter's preschool education.  Thanks for all of your amazing work.  We comment on it every day to each other and feel great gratitude.


B Family -

I first encountered Nampa Montessori in the capacity of music teacher.  The moment I walked through the door I knew this was the school for our family.  The environment was lively but peaceful.  The students were engaged with beatiful, natural learning tools and there were no commercial, plastic toys to be seen.  As I watched the teachers work with the children I noticed how respectful the interactions were.  Students were treated well and teachers seemed happy and relaxed.  My decision was easy.

The next fall I enrolled my 3 year old daughter and immediately saw her independence and self-confidence take off.  She loved school and came home every day talking about the things she had been working on.  She was solving problems for herself and suddenly very willing to play independently.  I saw play become her work, and I saw her work become a natural part of her day.

I cannot express how pleased I am with the environment and expectations of NMP&K and it's teachers.  My child has learned wonderful habits for taking responsibility for her self and her learning.  She is inquisitive and self motivated, and I appreciate the fact that her teachers encourage her growth and development in such a positive and respectful way.


Kelly B. -

I would just like to say that since she started Nampa Montessori School, my daughter has grown tremendously.  The staff at Nampa Montessori School are so caring, patient and talented in the way they teach the children.  My daughter enjoys going to school everyday, at 5 years old she already loves to do her 'works' and helps others with theirs.  She went from being incredibly shy, withdrawn child to being outgoing, independent and hungry for knowledge.  This is all thanks to Nampa Montessori School.  I would recommend this school to anyone with a small child, that wants an extraordinary learning experience that you can't get anywhere else.  Nampa Montessori School is the best thing we have ever done for our daughter.


Kerri H.-

We are so pleased that we decided to send our son to Nampa Montessori.  I did not attend pre-school myself and have always thought it was only for "at-risk" children, but I've changed my mind.  Our child's vocabulary has grown immensely since he began and he comes home every day excited to share what he has learned.  Imagine how proud we were when our four year-old son approached a woman in a store and said to her, "Did you know that bears are omnivores?"  Enough said!


Nicole -

My daughter enjoys the hands-on learning and activities.  As a parent, I appreciate the respect given to my child and my questions and concerns.  I love that she is having such a great experience.

Maureen H. -

Since starting at NMP&K, my four year old daughter has absolutely taken off academically.  She adds and subracts single digits, is spelling, pre-reading, and learning about continents, etc.  More importantly, she is blossoming socially, developing friendships with a wide variety of children and learning how to problem solve, get along, be kind, and has a great time doing so.  She loves going to school!!


Arin J. -

I had my son in public Kindergarten for a short time and I was very unimpressed with how his day was spent. It seemed to be hectic, bouncing from one scheduled activity to th enext with the primary focus being literacy. There was little hands on science and art and almost no social studies or a world view being taught. While I find value in literacy, I was hoping to find a school that provided a more well rounded approach to his education that included a strong focus on character and social development. I now have both of my sons at NMP&K and I am most impressed that when I pick them up from school and ask them what they learned that day they tell me things like, "how to be kind and make good choices" and "We don't use our hands to solve problems, we use our words". I feel like they are becoming more independant and confident through their education and I know that they both adore their teachers. I couldn't be happier with our choice to send them to NMP&K.


Marie M. -

Excellent preschool! My daughter has learned so much this year! She is writing her name and various other things, counting, letter sounds, etc. She will be attending kindergartern here next year!


Jill U. -

I truly feel lukcy to have found Nampa Montessori. I cannot believe how much my son is learning and thriving since he started attending just 7 months ago. I continue to be amazed with the level of work he brings home from school each week and the progression he is making. One of the things that impresses me, is the fact that he is held accountable. He is asked to complete each task to the best of his ability not simply complete his work. The children have responsibilities each day - something that makes them feel like they are contributing to their community. Beyond academics, there are field trips, guest speakers, international awareness (i.e. learning and celebrating a Chinese New Year), classroom animals, a wonderful outdoor play area, performances, etc. The students lost a classmate earlier this year and the very tragic situation was handled with grace and love. When problems arise (both academic and social), I have been included and informed. I love that my son is greeted not only by his teachers, each morning, but also his fellow classmates and parents. It is a magical place and we will be very sorry to move on next year.


Julia D. -

Absolutely awesome!!! My son loves to go to school each day. There has been a lot of activities and guest speakers. I am very impressed with all the teachers. I am a very pleased parent.


Stephanie V. -

My daughter started her Montessori journey a year and a half ago at Nampa Montessori. As an educator myself, I sought recommendations from many people before researching and observing at Nampa Montessori. I knew I wanted my daughter to experience a Montessori philosophy of education where she was able to explore and engage with the world around her, fueled by her own curiosity. This school is an absolutely perfect fit for that philosophy and our family. Finnleigh loves going to school where she is surrounded by teachers who love and care for her and her classmates each day. Ms. Chris and her staff run a fantastic program filled with daily Montessori work, wonderful literature, songs and even occasional guest speakers. I wouldn't choose anywhere else for my daughter to spend her days. We love Nampa Montessori Preschool & Kindergarten!


Veronica D. -

Prior to my daughter attending NMP&K she was timid and very unsure of herself. She was not confident in her abilities and it seemed like encouragement from my husband and I was not enough. Once she started Montessori school, we noticed a drastic difference. She seemed more confident, enthusiastic about learning and showed an interest in writing. I am very happy about her education at this school and am excited to have my son start in the Fall. I'm sure they do not hear it enough, but thank you, Nampa Montessori, for helping Gloria gain some of the confidence she needs to be successful in school!


Jeff A. -

My daughter has attended the NMP&K school for a year now. Montessori has allowed my daughter to truly grasp the concept of how a school system functions and the routines involved. As a result, she has excelled in learning her numbers, letters, math, reading, and geography. I feel she is equipped with the basic tools so that when she goes to kindergarten this year, it will be a smooth and familiar transition. The staff is very pleasant and easy to talk to and seems to make things so simple when picking up/dropping off my child. I know my daughter loves it there because she talks about all the teachers at home and I see her hug them when I pick her up. I feel comforted knowing they are taking such good care of her. I will continue to recommend this school in particular to my friends and family as the #1 option for childcare, academic studies, and an all-around staff that cares.

Erinn U. -

My son began attending NMP&K in the fall of 2016, right before his 4th birthday. The staff is loving and nurturing and fosters independent skills, which is something my son has benefited from a great deal. He loves the Montessori activities, reading time, music time, and the fun learning activities. He has thrived at NMP&K!

Sarah K -

Nampa Montessori has been an exceptional school for my two boys. I am amazed with the depth of knowledge that has been instilled in my sons at such a young age. Most importantly, Nampa Montessori has created independent children with a strong educational foundation. I highly recommend NMP&K for any parent looking for quality education for their child

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